Filmkit UnFlat allows you to easily grade flat footage from any camera. UnFlat applies an S-curve to your footage and lets you control the amount, adjust exposure and white-balance, and add contrast, saturation and sharpness.

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Working in the field often requires fast turnaround times, and I've noticed there isn't always enough time to grade flat footage, and the fact that FCPX doesn't have any curve-control doesn't help. That's why I decided to create an effect for FCPX that can give your flat footage a contrasty feel in seconds, without any heavy rendering. If there's more time you can tweak contrast, saturation, white balance and sharpness for the ultimate grade.

Filmkit UnFlat is NOT meant as a one-click grading solution or a "Look", it is a subtle and fast starting point for any further grading.

The effect works with all flat (or log-) footage like footage from Canon DSLRs with CineStyle, Canon C100, BlackMagic Cinema Cameras and even the RED Epic.

Note: to run FilmKit UnFlat, you need the latest version of FCPX.

Available Controls:



Technical Requirements:

This FCPX effect requires the latest version of Final Cut Pro X (currently 10.2.2)